About Us

Our journey, as a non-profit ministry began in a very unconventional way. Started by a Ugandan for his people. We focus on children and families living in extreme poverty in Uganda and Kenya by re-building communities and empowering today’s youth. We provide resources for students to excel academically and will not turn a child away due to age or religion. We are a small grassroots organization, which allows us to have a personal connection with each child.

Our team of national staff and volunteers work directly with the children in various community outreach and education programs to improve their quality of life spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our international volunteer team ranges from 2 – 60 volunteers from all over America, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand throughout the course of the year.


Empower a Child seeks to bring confidence and self-sustainability to orphaned and vulnerable children of East Africa by teaching modern skills, giving the opportunity of education, and enlightening through the word of God.


Empower a Child seeks to change the communities we work in and children’s lives by focusing on the family unit. We empower family units to thrive through holistic development of spiritual, physical, and education.


Our goal is to make all our ministry efforts sustainable in the local economy. Our ministry is run by local nationals and we work hard to ensure the ministries have local sources of income to sustain them if possible


Being the youngest of 10 kids in a rural Ugandan village, Wilson’s had a slim chance at obtaining an education. One of his eldest sisters recognized this and brought him to live with her family in the city. Though being a young mom, she struggled to provide for his school fees to keep him in school consistently. In Primary 3, he remembered some adults coming into the class and pointing him out. A few weeks later they came back and told him a gentleman and his family from the U.S were going to sponsor him. This moment changed his life forever. From primary school up through college, he was given the opportunity to go to school, hear about God’s love through weekly Bible studies, and given basic necessities. After college, he worked for a couple of years in the accounting and tourism but always felt called back to help the needy children from the poor communities like him. His sponsor gave him an incredible gift, the gift of education, love, value of self-confidence. He wanted to pass that on.


Wilson Kabeera quit his steady paying job to serve and a small team of Uganda nationals and international volunteers began outreaches into local projects and slums where children were marginalized and forgotten.


Wilson travels to U.S. to speak for the first time for the children of his country


Empower a Child purchases 40 acres of land in Zirobwe, Uganda, the first step in community development


Open a branch of Empower a Child in Nairobi, Kenya, focusing on discipling and transforming lives of children in the slums


Work with a team of volunteers in the UK to open Empower a Child UK to partner with the U.S. in raising awareness, funds, and looking for sponsors for our programs in Africa

Work with community of Zirobwe to begin a community church, a spiritual home

Drill deep water well, first step to give the community and the center access to clean water.


Purchase a primary school in the community and begin construction on a 16 room guesthouse to house our mission volunteers and teams within the community.

Connect well to solar powered pump, to give the community one of the only self-sustaining solar powered well in the entire country.


Open Empowered Leaders Academy to over 400 children in the community.