Why Sponsor

Why sponsor a child?

When you decide to sponsor a child you give them hope for a better future. Your commitment gives a child confidence in knowing that someone across the world loves, cares and prays for them.

We believe education is the key to changing a child’s life from a life of poverty to a life of possibilities. Sponsoring a child creates a ripple effect across nations.

Wilson Kabeera, grew up in a dire situation during a time of war in Uganda. A family in the United States, made a decision to sponsor Wilson which changed his life forever. Wilson finished primary, high school and graduated university and went on to found Empower a Child. Wilson’s sponsor made the choice to love and impact one child, in turn, this child grew up to love and currently impacting the lives of thousands of children across East Africa through our work.

Even a generation of orphans have the ability to stand up and make a difference in their country; they can help mold a better future – one that has less of the suffering, pain and poverty they had to endure as children. You can stand in the gap for these children and raise up more impactful leaders.

Beautiful Success Stories