How It Works

How It Works

Your monthly support provides your child with education, school supplies, toiletries, basic medical treatment and the loving care and discipleship of a mentor.

Types of Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Many children have loving parents or grandparents. Though their family may have many children to look after and cannot afford school fees for every child in the home. For $35 a month, you can sponsor a child to go school to in their neighborhood, while still living at home with their family.


Special Needs

Marginalized by society, children with special needs in Africa are usually kept at home. They are unable to attend special education schools due to lack of funds. For $100 a month, you can give a child with special needs the opportunity of education just like any other child. Your support provides for education, accommodation, three meals a day, and basic needs.



Approximately 12% of students are able to pursue higher education after completing secondary or high school education. For $180 – $250 a month, you can give a student an opportunity to pursue their dream of a college degree and a future career. Your monthly support will provide university tuition, room and board.