Longer Term Trips

Longer Term Trips

We offer long-term mission trips in Uganda which can range from five months to two years for those 17 and older. Those interested in coming long-term will assist our full-time staff in weekly outreach programs and will be given specific ministry responsibilities. There are many opportunities for work in community development: leading worship, writing skits, preaching, leading children’s programs, health education, formal education, discipleship, teaching, and hands-on skills training. Come join our long-term efforts of community development and poverty alleviation!

Customized Dates

We allow you to design the dates of your trip. Whether you are called to take some a semester off from school, a year off before you go to school or enter the workforce, or you are being called to a different career path, our long-term volunteers have found their time to be a life-changing experience.

A New Family

Once you arrive, you will join a group of people from all over the world to work alongside the Ugandan and Kenyan staff who run operations on the ground in communities we serve. You will find it an enriching experience to meet new friends from all over the world as you live, minister, and share meals together while learning about different cultures. Even though you’re thousands of miles from home, as a volunteer, you will find an amazing sense of community and form lifelong bonds with other volunteers and our national staff.

A New Heart

Poverty is complex; it is a social, spiritual, material, and personal problem. On a long-term trip, you will assist our staff in conducting community programs and outreach. You will build relationships and work hands-on with the locals and staff in community development and poverty alleviation. It is hard work but rewarding! Our prayer is that your participation in missions won’t end when you get back though. Instead, we pray that by the end of the trip you would understand we are all poor and broken, just in different ways, and that you would engage in life-long missional efforts either local or aboard using what you learned on the trip.


We try to make the cost of the trip as reasonable as possible. There are two fees: an administration fee; and a mission fee payable to Empower a Child based on the length of time you plan to serve. The mission fee covers all the basic things you will need on the ground including housing, food, and required transport. The application fee is due to the U.S. office two weeks after your application is approved. The mission fees are due to the U.S. office at least 45 days prior to arrival in Africa. If this trip is God’s will then He will provide you with the necessary funding.  Click here for some helpful fundraising ideas.

1. Administration Fee – $225
2. Mission Fee  – $700 per month

If you sense that God is calling you to go, we would love to have you serve with us! Start your application now!